Will my house work with a new central vac?

Yes. All inlets in your walls are standard size.The hose doesn’t care what machine is on the other end and vice versa.

How do I know if a floor tool or brush will fit my central vac hose?

99+% of all modern central vac hoses and the “wand” that it uses are standard fit. 1 ¼ in. Wands are typically the telescopic type or the 2 piece - the round metal “pole” that attaches to your hose handle. All typical floor brushes fit these wands.

An exception is the older Electrolux oval shaped plastic handle and wand. These are obsolete. Though some tools (brushes etc) are still available.

Where do you Ship From?

Ontario, Quebec, BC How Long will it take for my package to arrive? Depending on the destination:

  • Ontario and Quebec (Montreal) usually about 2-3 business days
  • BC and Alberta usually about 4-5 Business Days
  • Other Provinces usually about 3-4 Business Days

What if I wanted to return the vacuum?

No Problems. As specified in the Returns Policy, we offer you a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of your purchase.

What if the vacuum needs warranty work?

Do I have to send it back to you? No you don't have to send it back to us. Cyclo Vac has many warranty centers across Canada. In case you need any repair on your vacuum, you can take the vacuum to the closest Cyclo Vac warranty center.