10 Pkg Sebo K Series Paper Bags

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A pack of 10 premium paper dust bags. Qualtex Hygenic. Equiv to Sebo 6629ER

High-quality paper dust bags utilizing multi-layer paper filtration, double folded seals and a plastic reinforced collar and closure caps for superior performance.

Fits the following Sebo Vacuums:(also fits Windsor Sensor)

  • Airbelt K1

  • Airbelt K1 Komfort

  • Airbelt K1 Pet

  • Airbelt K3 Premium

  • K1

  • K1 Airbelt

  • K1 Komfort

  • K1 Pet

  • K2 Hunter

  • K2 Onyx

  • K3

  • K3 Premium

  • K3 Vulcano

  • Komfort Series

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